Southern Laurels: Green Centerpieces

Good afternoon, friends!

There is nothing as fabulous as an organic fixture to highlight your table.  Whether in a cozy nook or adorning a long banquet table, sculptural arrangements can help coordinate your tablescape, and surrounding room, by theme, style, and season.  As you situate sprigs around your interior, these floral ornaments can create an inviting and alluring component to your space that will make it all the more cozy and mannered.

Blossoms are a lovely addition to virtually any room, and a fabulous gift for any occasion.  For a more rustic look, try accenting tables with sprigs and limbs.  Their abundance will allow for lush arrangements, and their rigid forms will quickly resemble a stately centerpiece- one reminiscent of a European countryside.

One does not have to wait for the holidays to decorate with sprays of greenery.  Embrace this traditional accent in your southern home and watch as the interior is pulled together in a classic, and unexpected, way.  xx


Until next time, friends.


xx Amber

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