Southern Laurels: $20 Treasure Hunt: Hobby Lobby

Good evening, friends!

So many times with interior transformations, small budgets are considered to be impossible, at best; yet- so many stores have fabulous options for the fiscally conscious patron.  The process of finding deals, which many bargain-finding, decor-enthusiasts refer to as treasure hunting, can and should lead you into all nature of stores- where amazingly unique and affordable finds could be positioned on a lone shelf, waiting to be spotted.

In any state, town, or district, from small shops to commercial chains, items can be procured for your home that have the ability to utterly transform or coordinate your space.  The hunt is just as valuable as the piece itself, and provides an especially endearing story for you to remember and translate to others who weren’t lucky enough to be there.

This week’s $20 Treasure Hunt features the franchise chain, Hobby Lobby.  HL can be a wonderful source of decor, which is often very affordable.  In this instance, several aisles contained items marked down between 66% to 80% off their original price.  I know: extremely exciting!  After careful deliberation and much consideration, I found a mirror, matted print, and candle holder.  These three items cost a whopping $21.10.

Check out the wooden-framed mirror, wishbone print, and golden-orb candle holder. Each mix very well with a variety of pieces and seasons– that’s right; I am already thinking of fall and Christmas.  Sigh…

Until next time, friends!  And don’t be afraid to dig!!


xxoo Amber

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