Rutherford & Rowe can help you breathe life into any space.  We can combine items that you already have with new treasures to author appealing, transformed spaces that will pay homage to your past while celebrating the present and future.

R & R can fluff homes for sale, make rooms holiday ready, or reorganize special spots in your home that you would like to freshen.  Allow Rutherford & Rowe to organize your office, window displays, or decorating inventory.

Whatever your staging or design requirements, Rutherford & Rowe can help.  Whether with special occasions or selling a property,        R & R can help you shine.

Interior Decorating

Allow Rutherford & Rowe to transform your home.  We can suit your specific needs while creating a timeless interior that will charm all who behold it.

R & R can work with small and large areas and specialize in challenging spaces.  Many design options are available to patrons, ranging from simple design advice, to purchasing, to the complete overhaul of an interior.  Choose from our extensive list or allow us to tailor a design package specifically to you and your home.

Services Include- 

  • Simple Design Consultation
  • Simple Room/Home Coordination - On Site
  • Design Board with Sketches
  • 3-D Computer Renderings
  • Purchasing
  • Classroom/Office Coordination
  • Special Event Staging
  • "Fluffing" Interior
  • Staging Interior
  • Complete Room Redecoration

Murals, artwork, and handmade decor are also available through special order.  Decor boxes are also available through special order.  Scroll lower for more information.

Contact us for pricing and to schedule a consultation.



Walls are the bones of your home.  

They have the power to transform a room dramatically, as their color and accessories are arguably the single, most important piece of decor in a room.  Walls help make rooms flow cohesively throughout spaces, can pull the outdoors indoors, and can capitalize on fundamental attributes of the room.  Paint can inspire mood, embodying traits like tranquility or vibrancy.

While walls can hold accents, they can also become art themselves.  Interior murals are a speciality of Rutherford & Rowe.  Surfaces in nurseries, dining rooms, kitchens, and all throughout your home, can be transformed into one-of-a-kind works of art.

In addition to private residences, interiors at an office, public spaces, or other places of business would be made even more personal and unique with the addition of a Rutherford & Rowe original.

Prices are based on mural size, complexity, and time.  Four wall murals are available, as well as fifth wall murals, which encompasses the ceiling space.


Contact Rutherford & Rowe to discuss redefining your wall surfaces.

Design Consultation

As you look around your home, perhaps you are ready for something new and exciting but don't know where to start.  Rutherford & Rowe can help point you to the aesthetic decision that is right for you and your family.

Space Coordination

Rutherford & Rowe can help you decide on a theme for a soiree', room, floor, or entire home that upholds your personal style.  From inch to inch and room to room, R & R can ensure that all areas are stylistically cohesive and complimentary.

Design Boards

As you are flipping through magazines and are trying to decide what suits you, contact Rutherford & Rowe.  We can create extensive idea boards based on clippings you have saved or ideas you have found.  R & R can provide suggestions mesh all your ideas together for perfect cohesion throughout your space.


With your guidance and input, R & R can create renderings that show new possibilities for your space using professional computer software.  Your interior will be created through the program and will allow for complete visualization of potential changes to your interior.


If you have chosen a theme but haven't the time to shop, Rutherford & Rowe can treasure hunt for your interior.  Using a variety of venders, R & R can accumulate a unique and unmatchable assortment of accessories to lavish upon your home or space.

Classroom/Office Coordination

After years in the classroom, and a lifetime revolving around schools, Rutherford & Rowe's lead designer and artist, Amber Gelner, is very accustomed to the qualities of the classroom and the needs of educators.  For new professionals or veteran teachers, Gelner and Rutherford & Rowe can introduce form and function in a new, fabulously fun workspaces.  Such a purposely coiffed area can become enjoyable space for those individuals who give so selflessly to welfare of children.  Also available are Teacher and Office Boxes, which can serve as the perfect thank you to these valuable members of the community.

Special Event Staging

Sit back and relax, while Rutherford & Rowe plans and constructs the perfect backdrop for your next important event.  Baby and wedding showers, receptions and holidays, celebrations and occasions of all kind, R & R will create a beautiful aesthetic for your memories to unfold in.  We use items from your own collection and include new pieces to fashion the perfect space for your event.

Fluffing and Staging Interiors

Rutherford & Rowe will help you adjust your space for impending company, to ready for sale, or for an uncomplicated refreshing.  We can help you determine what items should stay, what should be put aside, and what should be added to make the most of your interior.

Complete Room Redecoration

For those ready for the most exciting and all-encompassing change.  Walls, floors, furniture will be touched.  Lighting and tone will be studied and manipulated, and a theme will be selected.  Focal points will be identified and structural attributes will be diminished or emphasized.  Rutherford & Rowe can evaluate the space's footprint and its layout can be reorganized.  Accents will be thoughtfully selected, carefully layered and arranged until your interior is simply a vision from your dreams.

We invite you to contact Rutherford & Rowe-  who can surpass your every need, regardless of its unique qualities. 

Commissioned Artwork

Rutherford & Rowe can be commissioned to create unique works of art perfectly tailored to your preferences and home.  Whether your space would be completed by an abstract or classical sketch, a charcoal portrait, or painterly, pastoral landscape, Rutherford & Rowe can offer heirloom quality art work created, specifically, for your home.

Home Accessories & Gifts


Home accents designed by Rutherford & Rowe are available for any special occasion.  We provide a variety of items that would be the perfect, unique gift for someone special, or as a little reward for yourself.  Some specialities include a wide variety of wreaths, floral arrangements, and holiday decor.

Contact Rutherford & Rowe for the perfect gift.

Teacher/Office Decor Boxes

Charm and style enveloped into one, tasteful box.  Perfect for gifts, chests can be customized based on a chosen style and specific need.  Boxes are intended to be highly thematic and can be situated around any special idea or occasion.

Perhaps organized around a new home's color scheme, a time of year, or the necessities for a college-bound student, Rutherford & Rowe can design the perfect chest of treasures for you.

Wedding and baby shower boxes, along with teacher boxes, are especially popular options.  Birthday and holiday boxes can also be a fun gift to coordinate and deliver!

All Treasure Chests range in extent, size, and uniqueness.  They can be extremely sophisticated and meant for a space in a private residence or business.  Boxes can also be light-hearted, filled with whimsy, and perfectly amassed to outfit a 1st grade classroom.  

There are boxes to accommodate every occasion and budget.  From $75.

Examples of Coordinated Classrooms