We invite you to peruse these questions and responses.  In the event you do not find the information you are seeking, please do not hesitate to contact Rutherford & Rowe directly.

How many years of experience does Rutherford & Rowe have?

While Rutherford & Rowe is a fairly new company, its lead designer and artist has been working to transform homes for years.  Amber Gelner has immersed herself in the arts for more than two decades and has studied extensively in the fields of art, history, and design.  As a professional, Gelner prides herself on her relationships with her patrons and on the execution of their collective vision. You will be in wonderful hands- your opinions and desires will be heard, needs will be met, and expectations surpassed.

What are the costs of various design services at Rutherford & Rowe?

Our company has a variety of goods and services ranging from simple gifts to elaborate and complete home redecoration.  Most gifts start at $50, murals at $250, and art work is piece-specific.  For inquiries about murals, artwork, gifts, decor, or design services, it is best to contact Rutherford & Rowe for an estimate.  The professionals at Rutherford & Rowe are confident they can present options for you, whatever your needs may be.

Do you have customer service?

Absolutely. Rutherford & Rowe values its customers, and their happiness is paramount.  Regardless of time, day, or issue, R & R's customer service team will work tirelessly to resolve any problem promptly and efficiently.