Working on a project out of Crestview, Florida.
Working on a project out of Crestview, Florida.

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Enjoyment in the coordination of spaces comes, not only from their aesthetic appeal and attractive surfaces but, also, should be abundant after that veneering is scratched.  Layering old and new, tradition and revolution is integral to making a space one's own.  Perhaps, it could be attributed to the Southern soul of our company, but we believe every shelf has a story and every corner, a tall tale.  Let your space, whatever form it may comes in, be your escape; let it represent your past and present-- let it encapsulate all that you are and all that you love.  With R & R, revamping your interior can be a painless and memorable experience.

Rutherford & Rowe understands that every space requires special consideration and special care, as do our patrons.  R & R strives to accommodate a wide range of needs including style, scale, intricacy, and budget.

Luxury and value, two terms that are seemingly from separate worlds, can be meshed together to transform spaces.  Having an interior decorating consultant, a private muralist, or commissioned artist doesn't have to be out of reach.  There are design solutions for everyone.

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Rutherford & Rowe

Amber Gelner

Founder & CEO

Rutherford & Rowe's chief executive officer and founder hails from the proud state of Texas.  Amber Gelner showed strong proclivities towards the arts from a young age, garnering numerous accolades and earning a seat in the local gifted program.  With the guidance and support of family and mentors, Gelner engaged her artistic interests whenever possible and continued to refine her artistic skills through high school.  By graduation,  she had founded an art club for her peers, served as assistant to the art department, designed class shirts, and been recognized for her love of the arts at senior ceremonies.

Gelner went to a local Texas college on an art scholarship and practiced in a variety of media and style.  While in these design classes, Amber Gelner recognized her talent and interest in design.  After transferring to a larger university, she nurtured her love of the past by simultaneously studying literature and art history.  Gelner was the main teaching assistant for several professors in the art and design department when she graduated summa cum laude with a bachelors in art and an emphasis in art history.  Gelner later traveled to France and England to study art, literature, drama, and complete her master's thesis, earning her masters degree in literature from Texas State University - San Marcos.

After graduation, Gelner began working with children at the same school she attended in her youth.  While teaching 4th and 5th graders, Gelner also spearheaded several programs intent on exposing children to the arts.  She volunteered her time after school tutoring students and organized an annual art contest and exhibition.  She coordinated with a nearby gallery to display students' work, which was featured in local papers.  Gelner also ran an art club that invited dozens of students to stay after lessons concluded, to learn more about artistic styles and artists from history.  She was donated several large murals in the elementary school foyer, hallways, office, faculty restrooms, gymnasium, and several classrooms.  Many murals were pastoral in theme and reflected the rural surroundings of the school.

It was during this period that Amber Gelner began creating home decor for others including woodwork, wreaths, and commissioned artwork for patrons.  She also began giving aesthetic advice to individuals looking to change or refresh their homes.  Her assistance ranged from her acting as a personal shopper and fluffer to creating idea boards and artistic renderings for spaces.  In her last few years in Texas, Gelner was the aesthetic director and charged with purchasing of several events and residential projects.

Since relocating to Florida, she has enjoyed becoming immersed in a new, southern land.  Gelner has continued working with children and with refining her skills as an artist and decorator.  Whether creating small wreaths for clients or reconfiguring an entire wing of a home, Amber Gelner strives for complete customer satisfaction by creating designs that are personalized for individuals based on their specific loves and needs and demands of herself only the highest levels of personal integrity and professionalism.

When not decorating, she enjoys working on her writing, reading old classics, antiquing and bargain hunting, traveling, cooking, and entertaining family and friends, both old and new.  She also adores delving into the history of her new home, taking her puppies for a romp around the neighborhood, and spending time with her beau of 14 years.




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